Noa is as open-minded and international, as it is airy. Ultimately it’s our clientele who create the atmosphere filling our beach house.

And the food… taste palette, that is inspired by our travelers around the world. Natural, like the materials used for NOA’s cosy yet eclectic interior.

Not to forget about the sunsets. These, our friend, these you only experience at ours.

Every feature and detail at NOA is here for our clients. Guests. Friends.

Whether it’s our menu, service or the beach house itself, everything comes down to one word. Quality.

It’s our guiding principle – and the only guiding principle. Among friends it just needs to be delivered casually, without fuzz. Every day, all the time. This is why – for us – it’s forward ever, backward never.

After all, being recommended by a friend is the highest compliment we can receive.

Ranna tee 3
12112 Tallinn

Mon — Thu 12.00 — 23.00
Fri — Sat 12.00 — 00.00
Sun 12.00 — 22.00

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Telephone: (+372) 5080589
E-mail: [email protected]