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NOA Restaurant

NOA is a seaside restaurant on the border of Tallinn and Viimsi seating 80 people. When compiling the menu, we haven’t committed ourselves to any specific ingredients, countries or locations, but rather focused on creating an equal experience to all vege, seafood and meat lovers. Tõnis Siigur Executive Chef / Restaurateur Orm ... Enter


NOA Chef's Hall

The Best Restaurant in the Baltics 2017 NOA Chef’s Hall is a private and elegant restaurant within a restaurant, which seats 45 guests. We offer nine or eleven course tasting menu, which has been composed using only the best ingredients in our open kitchen. Tõnis Siigur Executive Chef / Restaurateur Orm Oja Head Chef   Enter

NOA Chef’s Hall

Oko Restaurant

OKO Restaurant is located at Haabneeme beach. The menu is focused on slow fast food, perfect for sharing with your friends and family.  Tõnis Siigur Executive Chef / Restaurateur Madis Männik Sous Chef Klaus Lemmats Sous Chef WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION: KESK TEE 27, HAABNEEME, VIIMSI Enter


Tuljak Restaurant

In the summer of 2015 re-opened the doors legendary restaurant Tuljak which spacious rooms accommodate up to 150 guests. The heart of the house is the kitchen with a large capacity, offering both new and with new touch ''old'’ flavours and nostalgia. Tõnis Siigur Executive Chef / Restaurateur Laura Alvari Vahemaa ... Enter


Paju Villa Restaurant

Paju Villa is a restaurant located in an elegant renovated villa in Nõmme residental area. Paju Villa can seat up to 80 guests in smaller private areas.  Tõnis Siigur  Executive Chef / Restaurateur Joonas Koppel Head Chef Enter